The church was started in the early 1870’s. A small one-room frame construction about one- and one-half miles west of the present church site was used for the purpose of the church and the Waters Park Colored School.

The St. Stephens Missionary Baptist Church is registered as a National Historical Church. It was officially organized in 1887 by the Reverend Jacob Fontaine, Reverend Stephen Smith, Reverend Alonzo Johnson, Reverend Shackles, and Reverend James Daniels, along with others of the surrounding communities, namely Brother Frank Robinson, Brother Ross, Brother Albert White, Brother Jack Black, Brother Burl Adams, and Brother Alonzo King.

Brother Anderson Peoples and wife donated the land for a church and school at the Adelphi site. In 1913 they decided to build a church on this site, as it seemed to the community that it would be a nice place to serve the Lord. Reverend Stephen Smith was the first pastor. The second pastor was Reverend James Daniels (commonly called Father Daniels). Father Daniels soon became an evangelist and was away from home many days doing this work. The third pastor was Reverend Shackles. Following Reverend Shackles can several other ministers who served short periods of time. They were mainly: Reverend Hinch Black, Reverend Arch Shackles, Reverend J. S. Hansbourgh, Reverend Reese, Reverend Walter Jones, Reverend Claude Medlock, and Reverend Jacob Fontaine, III.

During these times the families that contributed memorable service to this church and school were the Reverend James Daniels, Arch Adams, Orange Hancock, Callie Harris, P. D. Organs, Will Robinson, George Manor, Ben Sheperd, and Deacon Simon Daniels, Sr. (who served as a deacon for many years). These families were dedicated Missionary Baptist Christians. Evangelists who came to serve were Reverend Horace Carrington, Reverend Nelson, Reverend Mack Robinson, and Reverend Penagraph.

There were many other ministers who came and served at St. Stephens on a week-by-week basis. Great men of God such as Reverend Gilbert Fuller, Reverend Deaff Williams, Reverend Cab Johnson, Reverend Adam Black, and Reverend Burt Norwood ministered the church.

In 1966 Reverend Ira Mullins, Jr. was called to pastor St. Stephens. It was under his administration that the structure on Adelphi Lane was erected and dedicated on March 12, 1978. He resigned to do evangelistic work.
In May 1978 Reverend Michael Manor was called to pastor St. Stephens and on September 11, 1978 he resigned for personal reasons.

On December 11, 1978 Reverend John L. Daniels was called to pastor St. Stephens. Under his administration the church gained new members and on September 1980, a Fellowship Hall was dedicated. In addition, a paved parking lot was dedicated on August 23, 1983.

On November 22, 1983 Reverend Burnell J. E. McQueen was called as pastor of St. Stephens Missionary Baptist Church. Under his administration the present structure on 12300 Amherst Drive was erected. The dedication ceremony was held on June 28, 1998. Dr. B. J. E. McQueen is still serving God and the congregation in a faithful manner.

The St. Stephens Missionary Baptist Church has provided a tremendous service to this community for over one hundred years. Our past has been glorious, and as we remain true to Christ, our future is indeed assured. Inspired by the unfailing devotion of those that came before us, let us with a renewed sense of determination, lift up the banner of Him who said, “And if I be lifted up from the Earth, I will draw all men unto me.” (John 12:32)







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